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Visa & urban Consultants

Study In USA

The United States, one of the earliest democracies in the world, having experienced democratic system for more than 200 years has emerged as an international super power in the 20th century, the skilled manpower being largely immigrants. USA has a vibrant culture and prosperous economy as it has been the on crossroads of multicultural influences of immigrants from all over the world.

With over 4000 Institutions imparting Associate, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral programs, the United States offers various specializations to choose from in a desired area of focus. Overall development happens with a student who intends to study in the US as the education system has several programs of academic & social importance.

Grants & Scholarships

The United States is not just a land of opportunities where foreign students come with various dreams and aspirations; it is one of the best investments that one can make towards himself. There are a large number of government and private scholarships on offer both from the student`s country of origin as well as the University, thanks to the government of the United States, which believes in rewarding the meritorious. There is assistance in terms of waivers in tuition fees, accommodation support, and various other financial aids which make the US education an affable investment.

Why Study in USA

The US degree is highly regarded given the fact that 77 of the US universities feature in the top 200 Universities worldwide (Courtesy: TOI 2013). This makes brand US even more desirable and trustworthy for the employers. On any given day employers would consider recruiting an US graduate over some other country`s for their sheer understanding of the University system in the United States.

English Language Requirements

Medium of instruction is English and all the non-native English speakers are supposed to establish their proficiency in English. Hence TOEFL & IELTS are widely accepted. TOEFL is accepted by all the Universities and IELTS is also considered by more than 2500 institutions in the US.


Given the opportunity of earning a living during studies, with 20 hours/ week of part time & 40 hours/ week full time under Optional Practical Training (OPT), is one of the most important advantages of the US education system. Students are job ready with an American degree. Students from around the globe constantly fancy their chances of getting into the US so as to make sure that he/she has all the resources ready to fancy their chances in the land of opportunities.


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  • Winter: December