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Study In Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the most preferred destinations in the world for medical education. Students from over 70 countries come to Ukraine every year to study medicine. Graduates of Ukrainian medical universities are of high demand for their fundamental knowledge and excellent practical skills. Due to the latest data, the educational potential of Ukraine has allowed us to enter the group of the first ten leader states in the field of international education (as evidenced by current demand for higher education in Ukraine among citizens of other countries). Today, specialists of medical and pharmaceutical fields are prepared in higher education establishments of I-IV levels of accreditation, which include 64 medical schools, 47 medical colleges and their branches, 2 nursing institutes, 12 medical universities, 2 medical academies, 1 national pharmaceutical university and 3 academies of postgraduate education.

Structure of Medical Education in Ukraine

Structure of medical education in Ukraine is based on educational systems of leading world countries in accordance with recommendations of EU, UNESCO, UNO and other international organizations. Taking into account that higher medical education is an integral part of Ukrainian educational system, it is regulated by the law “On higher education”, regulation “On specialization (internship)” and regulation “On clinical residency”. Four-graded educational system provides high-quality education with further awarding of such qualification levels as Junior Specialist (2-3 years), Bachelor (3-4 years), Specialist (6 years), and Master (1-2 years).

Why Study in Ukraine

Medical education in Ukraine is an integral part of national education system. Even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, medical education in Ukraine was considered one of world’s best and its reputation was still strong enough to attract thousands of foreign students each year. Its students, graduates and academics have been known and appreciated worldwide. Ukraine joined common European education system, as well as European academic research community. A new set of qualification requirements for medical education in Ukraine has been adapted to meet European standards.

English Language Requirements

Medium of instruction is English and all the non-native English speakers are not bound to establish their proficiency in English. Hence No IELTS is required.


Each year the number of foreigners willing to get Ukrainian education is constantly increasing. Thus, in the 2013/2014 academic year the contingent of foreign students in higher educational establishments of Ukraine comprised approximately 70,000 students from 145 countries. Admission Board carries out acceptance of foreigners to establishments of higher education of Ukraine on the basis of the interview and following the consideration of submitted documents of previous education. Each university has its own requirements as to the level of academic achievements of foreign students.


  • Spring: January/February
  • Fall: August/September
  • Summer: April/May
  • Winter: December