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Visa & urban Consultants

Study In UK

UK has been a traditional powerhouse of education with University Education existent from 18th century. English originates from the UK and the education system of the whole world has been highly influenced by the UK system. Students from more than 100 nationalities study at any given time in the UK, with the numbers being 435240 in the year 2011-12. Various cultures, languages, religions, nationalities coexist in the UK. Universities located across the country over a Diaspora of cities, towns and clean country side is spectacular. There are opportunities for virtually every profession in the country and that`s the reason of prosperity of everybody working in the UK.

Quality and excellence go hand in hand with the UK education, with adequate research facilities and high-quality educationists helping the students develop their skills to thrive in the real world`s competition. Student`s need to find the best suited Universities as per their aspirations.

Universities and Courses

With more than 160 Universities to choose from, the UK offers virtually any course of study. Students get to choose from more than 50000 post graduate programs and there are various opportunities available for doctoral research. The opportunities are many and course curriculum is very competitive, allowing students to have a flair for the things that awaits them in future.

Why Study in UK

The biggest attraction of the UK is the shorter duration programs which are more intense and saves precious time and money of the students. Financial constraints are a major part of the process of getting educated overseas. Fast track study modules are available to save time and finish the required credits in shorter span of time and there are ample opportunities for bright meritorious students to enroll for a PhD after the completion of Bachelors.

English Language Requirements

Medium of instruction is English and all the non-native English speakers are supposed to establish their proficiency in English. Hence IELTS and TOEFL are widely accepted. IELTS is accepted by all the Universities.


The UK is the motherland of English, hence provides ample opportunities to enhance one`s English skills from every aspect of the language. There are a wide range of specialized programs to fine tune the English language skills and transform a student into a powerful communicator. A UK graduate would have developed his/her English from a grammatical, verbal & written perspective making a person not a mere graduate but a presentable graduate.


  • Spring: January/February
  • Fall: August/September
  • Summer: April/May
  • Winter: December